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Κλειδαριά Abus Facilo 32 + Loop Cable

Κατασκευαστής: Abus

Αρχική Τιμή με ΦΠΑ: 50,00 €
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The U-lock with security level 7 from 15 is one of the classics in securing bicycles and not without reason. Hardened 12 mm round shackle and no moving parts outside of the closing mechanism provide an excellent starting position for the hardest resistance.

Features - Facilo 32 U-Lock with incl. Cobra Security level 7 from 15

  • Facilo 32: 12 mm, hardened steel round shackle
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock
  • ABUS quality lock cylinder
  • Shackle double bolted in the lock body
  • Cobra: 10 mm high quality steel cable with two loop ends
  • PVC-coating to prevent damage

Product features

  • Level: 7
  • Width: 109cm
  • Height: 230mm
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Locking type: key
  • Carrier: USH 3210 mm / 140 cm


  • 1500g (manufacturer information)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 Abus Facilo 32 U-lock
  • 1 Abus Cobra loop cable
  • 1 Abus USH 3210 mm / 140 cm holder
  • 2 Abus key


ABUS Level System
Bicycle locks can have very different requirements. The two main aspects are the bike and the location where you want to lock it. But also the weight of the lock plays a role – a lock on the road must not be too heavy, unlike a lock for home. The ABUS Level System is a transparent system that reflects the security level of the lock. The scale – shown as a speedometer – reaches up to level 15 for bicycle locks, making it easier to find the right lock for you and your bike!



USH 32 – Universal bracket with easy mounting on round frames with a diameter of 15-35 mm

  • The use of both the products allows an increase in security and length
  • The combination with the cobra cable is ideal for securing accessories, sports equipment etc.
Manufacturer Item no.: 47700
EAN: 4003318477003


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