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Παλμογράφος ρολόι iD.LIFE

Κατασκευαστής: Sigma Sport

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Are you looking for a healthy and sporty lifestyle?
The iD.LIFE combines the most important functions of a sports watch with an activity tracker and without any smart phone app. It remains simple in operation and fascinates with a clearly structured menu. 

You can get all relevant workout values including personal target zones via the heart rate measurement on the wrist, while the activity tracker provides the additional portion of fitness that lies beyond all sporting activities. This makes the iD.LIFE your indispensable workout partner and everyday companion.

Wrist-Based Heart Rate

The heart rate measurement on the wrist is performed by means of an optical sensor, which makes a chest strap obsolete. The heart rate is recorded continuously during a training interval. Your heart rate is displayed on the start screen via the activity tracker even when you are not working out.

Your fitness coach

Based on your heart rate, the iD.LIFE shows you in which workout area (for example, cardio, fitness, performance) you are currently in. If you have defined a target heart rate, you can use the graphical zone indicator to determine the relation of your current heart rate to the set zone. The iD.LIFE gives you additional feedback via a vibration alarm when it exceeds or falls short of the target zone.

Product features

  • Wrist band heart rate
  • Number of workouts
  • Workout time, distance, calories
  • Time in recovery zone, time in cardio zone, time in fitness zone, time in performance zone, time in speed zone
  • Accomplished trophies (bronze, silver, gold)
  • Target zone with zone indicator
  • Calculation of maximum heart rate
  • Monthly workaout statistics
  • Vibrating Alarm


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